Monday, March 25, 2013

Tips On How To Easy Labor Pains


Many people associate childbirth to pain, discomfort and suffering. What a few people know is that simple techniques adopted during pregnancy or at the time of giving birth can relieve tension and help the mother to give birth normally or even in a shorter period of time.
It is impossible to predict the intensity of pain for each delivery. Each woman is unique and every birth is experienced differently. Several factors may influence on the intensity of the pain experienced by a woman in labor, such as tension, anxiety and fear of childbirth, the motivation for childbirth and motherhood.
And thinking about all the discomfort that a woman in labor feels I gather here a list of some natural methods that will help you to relieve a little bit the pain so you can focus on the most important part, that is to give birth to your little miracle.


· Low light
· "Peaceful" sound  (seems to be better the sounds of nature (like birds, rushing water, waves).
. Privacy (in some places it is a bit difficult but can be accomplished with some sort of divider like those curtains hanging from the ceiling for example).
· Coziness 
· Music


· Walk
· Rotating your pelvis
· Lying on pillows
· Dancing "slow song" with your partner
· Sit on an exercise ball
· Lift your abdomen


· Massage
· Strokes on the area of the pain
· Applying some pressure on your lower back 


· Bathing in warm water
· Warm Shower
· Warm compresses 


· Visualization
· Affirmation:
· Breathing techniques
· Do not focus your attention on anything (attention to all the sounds, smells, touch sensations without focusing)
· Pray


· Aromatherapy
· Chromotherapy
· The presence of someone you know and trust with you all the time, it can be your partner, mother, a friend or a doula.

Labor pain affects each woman differently. Some women may have mild discomfort and others may experience intense pain. If you try natural childbirth and during labor you begin thinking about using pain medication or anesthesia to cope with labor pain, know that it’s okay to change your mind. Don't feel like you let your baby down or gave up. Only you know how strong the pain feels. It’s okay to talk with your provider and do what you think is best. 

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