Monday, March 18, 2013

7 Ways to Relax During Pregnancy

It’s already proven that excess stress during pregnancy has harmful effect on the mom's body and the developing baby. To help pregnant women to maintain the balance in this magical period of your life, I've selected some ideas to reduce tension and make your pregnancy more peaceful, safe and full of energy.

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1. Attend To a Prenatal Class

The birthing classes will help you feel more secure about pregnancy and baby's arrival. In the classroom, is taught how to relieve back pain, correct breathing during labor, how to give a newborn a bath, among other things. This is an excellent environment to meet people who are experiencing the same emotions as you.

2. Talk To Your Belly

From the first months, the baby can hear what happens in the world around him/her. Telling him/her what you're feeling, reading a story or even singing contributes to strengthen bonding. Also, this is a lovely way for you two to connect.

3. Start The Day Stretching Out

Stretching daily helps relax your back, relieving pain that is so common in pregnancy. If the belly is already to big, try to do some exercise seated on the floor: put your hands behind your head and stretch to the right and left alternately. Then open and stretch your arms. The sense of well-being is instantaneous.

4. Dress Up As You Please

For the first time in your life, having a few extra pounds is no reason to stress. So, enjoy your full breasts and rounded curves to change the style a bit and try combinations and pieces of clothes you have never had the guts to wear before.

5. Learn All About Babies

The birth is surrounded by doubt and anxiety, from pregnancy to the first months of a child's life. To read about it on the internet, in books, in magazines and chat with friends who already have children helps ease that feeling of insecurity.

6. Get Out More With Friends

They are part of your life and they are probably also curious to know how you are dealing with this time. Enjoy their company! At this stage of your pregnancy, your feelings are often very intense like: fear, anxiety, happiness, euphoria - So sharing them with your friends it is a way to comfort yourself.

7. Sleep A Lot

If you're the type who usually skip the resting time, change your routine. Eight hours of sleep is essential for anyone who is generating a new life in any pregnancy stage. Also allow yourself the right to take naps when needed. Having trouble sleeping? The best position for the body is to lay on your left side. Thus, blood flow is enhanced and hence the nutrient for the baby.

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