Monday, March 11, 2013

10 Things You Should Never Tell To a Pregnant Woman (ever!!!!)

When a woman is pregnant, while she is thrilled, she is also insecure because of this unknown situation, it doesn't matter if it's her first, second or third baby ... And besides that, a unbelievable amount of hormones are quite active inside her body! It makes everything bigger and more dramatic than what it really is! A simple TV commercial makes her cry and just the slightest irritation can get under her skin, she can go from a sweet little angel to a crazy witch in a split of a second!

Thinking about helping those who are pregnant, I have listed the top 10 things you should not say to a pregnant woman (yes, there are many others, of course). Most of the time people are acting in good faith, but a pregnant woman can interpret that in a lot of different ways ...

a pregnant woman

1) "Now you look like a mom!"

What does that mean? That she has a tired face? or a  swollen face with dark circles?
The ideal would be to compliment her, for example: "You have a beautiful glow in you! You look adorable!"

2) "You look bloated!" Or "You look huge"

Really? Neither statements are acceptable!! I do not know what kind of reply this person deserves ...

3) "How far along are you? Six months? "

Never, ever try to guess the gestation time! If the woman is at the begging of her pregnancy, she will be devastated thinking she is getting obese! And, if she is at the end she will start  to get worried that her baby is small and then a snowball of paranoia will start in her head ...

4) "Wow!! I've never seen a belly so big! "

Every pregnant woman wants to be thin,  only the belly showing, so that phrase would be interpreted by a pregnant woman like: "Wow! you look fat and huge! Never seen anything like this!! Really you're deformed! ". Yes, when we are pregnant, we have a tendency to change the meaning of the sentences ...

5) "How much weight have you gained?"

This statement does not need further explanation ...

6) "Can you eat / drink that?" (Making a face)

This question is really annoying and unnecessary! A pregnant woman knows exactly what she can or can not eat and drink! You are allowed interfere only if she is eating something  absurd (soap, cement, paper etc..) Or drinking something that really catches your attention (detergent, paint, alcohol etc).

7) "Was the pregnancy planned?"

What kind of information is someone trying to fish out here? If she's disappointed rather than being happy?

8) "Can I touch your belly?"

And if this comes from a stranger... It is extremely weird and rude!

9) "Enjoy sleeping while you can, because after the baby is born ..."

These predictions about the future of the mum to be does not help at all! Even because each baby is different! And, if she is already at the end of her third trimester she won’t be getting much sleep anyways. 

10) "There's someone I know who has lost a baby in childbirth ..." (or another sad story)

Really!?! What is this person trying to say?? If you don’t have anything good to say, please, pretty please, keep your mouth shout. 

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