Friday, October 25, 2013

Baby Halloween Custom

I putted together a few of the most creative baby Halloween custom  for the last minute moms out there, that has no idea what kind of custom to make or buy for the little munching. Some are super creative and so easy to make. Hope I could get you all inspired. So put your custom on, go out and have a lot of fun with your little ones!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! 

Baby Halloween Custom

Baby Halloween Custom

Baby Halloween Custom

Baby Halloween Custom

Baby Halloween Custom

Baby Halloween Custom

Baby Halloween Custom

Baby Halloween Custom
Source: Pinterest

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Baby Spa

I was amazed when I first watched this video, I think I replayed at 5 times in a row, I don't think that a bath time can get any sweeter and relaxing then this. The Baby Spa is a new bathing approach. It was invented by Sonia Rochel, newborn nurse (in Paris). It is the result of many years of observation and reflection. The video shows some marking moments of this caress-bathing : it actually lasts from 10 to 15 minutes. This bath is reserved for very small ones (up to about the age of 2 months). It is a real care, given by the specialized nurse who settled it. Nobody else uses this specific approach.
Parents, beware : do not try to reproduce it !

Facebook : SoniaBabyBath (Sonia Rochel)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's Party Time!!!! {The Collective - Blog Hop Party}

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Swaddle Banket { DIY }

I just found this super easy and cute tutorial for a gauze swaddle blanket at Dana Made It. So if any of you crafty mamas started to feel the itchy to run to your sewing machine and start to work on this right away, here is the tutorial for it. You can also find the full version of it here.
Swaddle Blanket DIY, Gauze cotton swaddle Blanket
Swaddle Blanket DIY, Gauze cotton swaddle Blanket
You can buy gauze swaddle blankets in a 3 or 4 pack at Target and other retail stores. But I didn’t care for their prints and wanted to make them more bright and cheery.
Swaddle Blanket DIY, Gauze cotton swaddle Blanket

Like any receiving blanket these are easy to do. We’re just sewing/finishing off the sides of a 45×45 inch square piece of fabric (that’s 1 1/4 yards of fabric).
So what is cotton gauze? (sometimes referred to as muslin in some countries)
It’s a soft, lightweight, breathable fabric with small crinkles on the surface that tends to stretch slightly.
Where do you find it?
Well, there are a few options.  (If you know a good source, please leave it in the comments and I’ll add it here!)
• Joann and other large fabric stores carry a few colors and they always have white.
• You can dye the white fabric to a fun color (check out my easy fabric dyeing tutorial here). If you plan to dye fabric (rather than a onesie) however, make sure you have a very large bowl with enough water for the fabric to swim freely and get the fabric wet before dunking it in the dye. I would also cut the fabric down to blanket size before dyeing so it’s easier to swish around in the dye bath.
• If you live in LA area….I bought these fun colors (along with teal and dark blue) at Michael Levine in the LA Fabric District. They had lots of great options.
Okay, let’s get started…
• Cut a 45 x 45 inch square of fabric of gauze fabric (42×42 or less will work fine too).
Now, you’ve got a few options for sewing the edges under. You can always just serge the edges and fold them under but I wanted a more polished look. So…
• Option 1: Cut the raw edges into a fairly straight line (you can leave the selvage edges as-is). Iron the edges under about 1/4 inch, which isn’t the easiest to do since gauze can be a bit wonky and stretchy. Then fold the ironed edge under another 1/4 inch and sew it down. Free-hand hold the edge as you sew (rather than pinning) and keep going. However, I found that it was hard to keep the edge as straight as I wanted. So I went with option 2 (easier for me)…
Swaddle Blanket DIY, Gauze cotton swaddle Blanket
• Option 2: Cut the raw edges as above but don’t bother with ironing. Just fold the edge under 1/4 inch by hand, then fold it under another 1/4 inch and start pinning periodically around the blanket. Don’t go crazy with the pinning; just enough to keep it all in-line as you sew. Sew down the edges And you’ve got a pretty little blanket!
NOTE: When you get to the corners, just fold one edge over the other. Don’t bother with mitered edges or anything fancy.
Swaddle Blanket DIY, Gauze cotton swaddle Blanket
• Option 3: Add hearts or other simple applique to the top.
Swaddle Blanket DIY, Gauze cotton swaddle Blanket
Cut hearts from scraps of knit fabric.  I like to use knit (rather than freezer paper stenciling a design or using cotton) because it’s soft on baby’s body and stretches with the fabric. I went with gold and white and just free-hand cut them by folding the fabric in half. Then fold the corners of the blanket under (as you would when swaddling a baby) so you don’t place any hearts where their head might be which could be uncomfortable.
Swaddle Blanket DIY, Gauze cotton swaddle Blanket

Then place your hearts around, pin them in place, and sew them on.
Swaddle Blanket DIY, Gauze cotton swaddle Blanket
Go slowly around the curved areas and don’t tug the fabric as you go. Lift your presser foot periodically, allowing the fabric to relax and pop back in place.
Swaddle Blanket DIY, Gauze cotton swaddle Blanket

When giving as a gift, roll each blanket and tie them together with a fabric scrap ribbon and gift tag.
Swaddle Blanket DIY, Gauze cotton swaddle Blanket

Easy baby shower gift.
Everyone will love them.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Maternity Fashion {Street Style 2}

Checking out the blog Tres Chic Mama I found some really cute maternity street style that I would love to share here with you. Who said that just because you are preggo you can't look hot?

Maternity Fashion {Street Style 2}

Maternity Fashion {Street Style 2}

Maternity Fashion {Street Style 2}

Maternity Fashion {Street Style 2}

Maternity Fashion {Street Style 2}

Maternity Fashion {Street Style 2}

Maternity Fashion {Street Style 2}

Maternity Fashion {Street Style 2}

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Sweet and Soft Nursery

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E is the first word that comes to mind when I saw this nursery that was featured on On To Baby blog. The delicate palette of blush pink with white and light gray gives such a soft and airy feeling to the space. From the fabric garland to the crystal knobs, the whole room is so beautifully feminine and sweet.
White and Blush Pink Nursery

White and Blush Pink Nursery

White and Blush Pink Nursery

White and Blush Pink Nursery

White and Blush Pink Nursery

White and Blush Pink Nursery
Credits and Sources:

Room Design: Emmaline’s Mom Hillary of Brocade Designs
Photography: jHenderson Studios
Crib: Franklin and Ben via Layla Grace
Crib Sheet, Changing Pad, and Liner: Babies R Us
Crib Blanket, Crib Skirt, and Curtains: Carousel Bedding
Gray Pillow: Restoration Hardware Baby & Child
Bird Floor Lamp: Land of Nod
Bookcase, Rug, and White Baskets: Target
Recliner and Elephant Bank: USA baby
Curtain Rods: Martha Stewart
Chandelier, Shelving, and Gray Blanket: Restoration Hardware
Stuffed Gray Elephant: Pottery Barn Kids
Oval Frame and White Clock: Ikea
Small Frames above Crib: Rusticart on Etsy
Alphabet: Graphic Spaces on Etsy
Baby Book: Two Giggles on Etsy
Dresser: Craigslist Find
Fabric Garland: Gift from Baby Shower
Distressing on Oval Frame & Curtain Rods: Paint it White Crafts