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10 Pregnant Characters For Hallowen Costumes

No need to work around your bump come October 31st — thanks to that growing belly and these ideas, your costume is taken care of! Just choose a pregnant character from pop culture (Kim Kardashian, anyone?) and start celebrating for two.


10 Pregnant Characters Perfect for Maternity Halloween Costumes

Blue Ivy has long since taken her first steps (she's probably even mastered the "Single Ladies" dance by now), but her mom's 2011 pregnancy couldn't have been more memorable. Mimic her jaw-dropping VMA announcement in black pants, a white button down, and a sequin purple blazer that you can pop open when people implore about your costume. Don't have one lying around? Check EBay or get extra crafty with an old jacket and a glue gun. If you're feeling especially gutsy, you can don a long-sleeved leotard and a massive costume ring to imitate Beyoncé's most instantly recognizable look from the aforementioned "Single Ladies" video.
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Demi Moore

10 Pregnant Characters Perfect for Maternity Halloween Costumes
Before posing nude on a magazine cover was practically a celebrity pregnancy prerequisite, Demi Moore was famously the first to bare all for Vanity Fair. But don't worry, you don't have to go nude for this costume — just find a tight flesh-colored ensemble (American Apparel's leotards do come in extra large!) and create a Vanity Fair sign to wear with your costume. Bonus points if you rock a short Demi wig or create faux-arms, scarecrow style, to wrap over your chest and under your belly.
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Hester Prynne

10 Pregnant Characters Perfect for Maternity Halloween Costumes
The Scarlet Letter makes frequent appearances on high school reading lists, but not quite as many on Halloween — so why don't you and your bump change that? Dress in your finest Puritan garb (it could be as simple as a long dress and the right hat) and slap a bright red A on your chest. Your partner can dress as the Minister Dimmesdale, so long as your friends who haven't read the book (or the Spark Notes) won't be upset by the spoiler.
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Jackie Kennedy

10 Pregnant Characters Perfect for Maternity Halloween Costumes
If you're in the mood for a more modest costume, Jackie O is definitely your girl. She was pregnant with John-John during JFK's 1960 election, but it was hard to tell thanks to her wardrobe of well-tailored coats and sensible kitten heels. Hit up a consignment store for a flattering, conservative coat dress, then pair with gloves, pearls, and Jackie's signature oversized shades. Hello, Jackie O!
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         Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Junior"

10 Pregnant Characters Perfect for Maternity Halloween Costumes
Before the world's first pregnant man, the Terminator turned Governator gave us Junior, a 90s flick about a male scientist who agrees to carry a pregnancy for a fertility project. People might get it if you put on a suit, but why not add a faux muscle shirt (you are Ah-nold, after all) and some glasses? Maybe you can even convince your partner to play your sidekick, Danny DeVito.
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10 Pregnant Characters Perfect for Maternity Halloween Costumes
Does it get more iconic than a pregnant Ellen Page in oversized clothes with a gallon of Tang? For this costume, you're all set if you wear your baggiest maternity jeans (bonus points if you wear a skirt over them!), a hooded zip-up sweatshirt and striped shirt, and pull your hair up in a ponytail. (Kudos if you can get your hands on a hamburger phone!) If your partner is willing to don a Michael Cera–inspired track ensemble with too-short shorts, more power to him.
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Kate Middleton

10 Pregnant Characters Perfect for Maternity Halloween Costumes
Oh, if only we could all look like the Duchess every moment of pregnancy! Be royal for at least one day in your most stylish pregnancy dress, heels (if you dare), and — this is crucial — a fascinator hat to exemplify your British style. You can try talking your hubby into getting you a massive sapphire ring for the occasion, but if he isn't budging you can probably find a fake one online.
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Kim Kardashian

10 Pregnant Characters Perfect for Maternity Halloween Costumes
You could probably get away with wearing a tight dress and calling yourself Kim K during pregnancy, but why not have a little more fun with it? If you're crafty, you can probably mimic her floor-length floral gown with something from the fabric store (dare we say look in the upholstery section?). And maybe consider amping up your, ahem, assets for the night — you can get Kim's enviable bottom and boobs with something as simple as a few pillows and a stuffed bra.
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"Knocked Up" Couple

10 Pregnant Characters Perfect for Maternity Halloween Costumes
Sure, there was nothing too recognizable about Katherine Heigl's Knocked Up character, but this costume's perfect if you're not in the mood to dress up but your partner is gung-ho. Simply wear something pretty and carry an E! microphone (remember how her character was an on-air host?), or go ahead and get in that hospital gown now. Your partner can go all out in full Seth Rogan stoner attire with a curly-haired wig, a dirty tee and pajama bottoms, and whatever, er, paraphernalia he thinks will sell the part.
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Michelle Duggar

10 Pregnant Characters Perfect for Maternity Halloween Costumes
Considering this TLC star was pregnant over 19 times, there are few other people as commonly associated with a baby bump. Simply style your hair into her iconic perm, slip on a floor-grazing prairie dress or a similarly modest ensemble, and surround yourself with kiddos — we suggest pinning baby dolls to your outfit to get the point across.
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