About me

I became a stay at home wife in 2010 when I married my husband, he is the military and is hard to keep up with jobs every time we move, so we decided that since we  were going to start a family soon I would stay home. We found out that I was pregnant September 2012 and a month later we also found out that we are moving over seas as soon after the baby is born, imagine my frustration on trying to plan decorating a nursery and not being able to do so (at list for now) since we will have to pack everything to send to our new home! But on the other hand I'm so excited with this new experience, I always had the travel bug in me and I love to meet new places and people. This blog is pieces of my life, it's crafts to share, how to keep yourself busy after deciding to be a stay at home mom, sharing information about motherhood and pregnancy and everything in between. Welcome!