Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's In The Bag

As a first time mom, I’m sure I’m not alone in trying to figure out what on earth is necessary to take to the hospital. I searched the web and found several checklists, and asked just about every friend I have who has a child already.
I know my due date is quite far for me to be getting all those things together (I'm due on June 7th), but I'm a big time planner and I would hate not to be prepared for this.
After making my check list based on every information I had, I came up with a list that made  sense to me, (I like to travel light, so some people might think that this is not enough for a hospital bag) but that does't mean that it won't change nor that I won't be sending my husband home on trips to get whatever I failed in putting in here. 

So here is what I have so far in my hospital bag...

For labor 
  • - Bath robe
  • - Camera
  • - Comfy slippers/socks
  • - Basic toiletries: lip balm (EOS is the balm dot com!), toothbrush/paste, headbands, shower gel (you get the idea!)
  • - iPhone & charger
  • - iPad ( a girls needs to keep in touch with the outside world!)

For Post Labor
- Nursing outfit, maybe two or three ( we never know what might happen)
- Nursing bra
- Granny panties to rock with those super sweet thunder pads.
- Nipple cream
- Nipple pads
- Boppy pillow
- A comfy and loose outfit for going home

For The Baby
  • - Baby's homecoming outfit
  • - Soothies – although I hear they give these away like candy at our hospital
  • - Swaddle blankets
  • - Mittens and socks: I’ve heard the nurses judge you if you forget these. I’ll be judging myself enough, so let’s cut someone else out the judgment equation.
  • - Hat: Probably don’t need this for a summer bambino, but it’s cute and babies are bald, so why not.
  • - And the most important: Car seat (safety first)!


  1. Unsolicited advice coming on, so if you don't want it... disregard. haha It's coming from a exclusive breastfeeding Mom of three, so I really do mean well. :P

    But leave the nipple cream at home, actually, if you haven't bought it yet, then don't! You don't need it. :) Just let your nipples air dry after each feeding. Your milk will act as a protectant.

    And don't over do it the first few feeds 15 minutes on each side until you get the hang of it.

    Other than that your list is perfect!

    And yes... bring mittens and socks and the hat! Hospitals are COLD! lol

    1. Hey Chrissy,
      I welcome all advices, so thank you for giving me yours. Like I said before this is my first baby so I'm trying to get all kinds of advices, and this bag will change for sure until I to take it to the hospital! : )