Thursday, June 19, 2014

Quick Nursery Makeover - Triangle Decals

Several things happen when you sit nursing a baby for any great length of time.
  1. You begin wondering if you’d be able to walk to the kitchen and get the eggless cookie dough out of the fridge without breaking baby’s latch.
  2. You get an overwhelming urge to check and make sure your boob is still intact.
  3. You begin daydreaming about how you could improve the space in which you are nursing.
This, my friends, is how it got me searching for a quick and hassle free makeover for a nursery.
I just love these wall Triangle decal from UrbanWall  they are trendy, stylish and easy to apply, you just peel and stick on the wall, and done!!! 

Quick Nursery Makeover - Triangle Decals

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