Thursday, June 5, 2014

Baby Shower Basket DIY

By  Kaitlyn Fringe of the Cro 

I am so excited for my oldest friend’s baby shower this weekend and to share some of my favorite baby products with her. As much as I love fashion and decor, what we are all concerned about as mothers, is our babe’s health. My most important moment as a mom was breastfeeding. Having those low pumps and short feeds can be discouraging, hence the Mother’s Milk Tea
. A life saver. Another priority of mine was putting the best products on Revel. Just reading the ingredients of Honest Co. is so reassuring. This gift basket gives a decent test run with the Honest Co. and since these are items off of my own bundles, she can still have a free trial for herself. I obviously couldn’t leave out a few clothing items, so I threw in a Munster Kidsonesie & some House of Mia shorts. Since I am a lover of all things black & white, I love this idea of recycling an old beer case and displaying the different gifts.

You will need: 
6 Pack Bottle Case
Spray Paint
News Paper
Gift fillers of your choice
Step 1: 
Discard the inside separators if needed & spray paint your bottle case in as many layers as needed. Let dry & do the same to the bottoms.
Step 2: 
Wrap your various fillers in colorful ribbons for cute pops & to differentiate the different gifts. Wrap your case in a ribbon that coordinates. (You could also write a message on your box if you used chalk board spray paint!)
Step 3: 
Arrange your gift box according to size and item. Try to keep each section balanced by repeating your theme in reverse of the opposite side. Here I went big, small, big.
Voila! Shower your expecting friends!

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