Thursday, June 12, 2014

Baby Beach Essentials

Have you ever felt intimidated about bringing a baby to the beach? While it’s not always the easiest adventure, I wanted to share with you a few of our must pack items. We are preparing for our annual beach vacation, this time with a newborn in tow. Here are some tips to make life on the beach with a baby a little easier on everyone. 

Baby Beach Essentials, Summer baby products

1- BABY POWDER.  May seem strange but apparently using a sprinkle of baby powder after a day at the beach helps remove the sand – amazing! I can’t wait to try it.
2 - BEACH HATS.  Always pack more than one as they often get wet or sandy. 
3 - SUN GLASSES. Could they be any cuter?  Nope.  As cute as they are they are super functional.  Does your little ones like sunglasses?
4 - COVERUP SWIM SUITS AND REGULAR SWIM SUIT.  The coverup swim suits are much easier than trying to keep up with sunscreen on wiggly, wet babies. If your baby is old enough to play in a little water, pack two suits. But I'm also packing the regular ones just in case, and I have to admit they are way to cute not to take them to the beach.
5 - SWIM DIAPERS.  Huggies make a swim diaper that gets pretty positive reviews. However, word on the street is that swim diapers aren’t really designed to hold in the #1 but are really for holding in #2… that being said I am going to bring both our swim diaper and a good supply of the regular  diapers.
6 - BeaCH TOYS.  At eleven and a half month our little man is on.the.move in a big way.  He loves to be busy so I am going to be sure to bring plenty toys to entertain him.  
7 - CHANGE OF CLOTHES.  Or two or three. For when we go back home, so baby is not wet to sit in his car seat.
8 - BEACH TOWEL AND A BEACH BLANKET. We are bring a big blanket so baby can play on it while he is not playing in the water or if he just needs to take a nap.
9 - SUNSCREEN. Sunscreen for both mom and baby, avoid using a cheaper chemical based sunscreen on your body and just the safe stuff for baby. Babies often fall asleep against your chest and can have a bad reaction to sunscreen from your body. (Ask me how I know…) 
10WET BAG.  A necessity to keep the wet and dry separate.  I love the patterns on this one, it is thick, durable and machine washable.
11 - WATERPROOF DIAPER BAG. full of the usual necessities.  I am definitely not going to take my “daily” diaper bag to the beach for both sand and water reasons.  I like that this one is fun as well as economical and roomy.

What else would you add to the list? Let me know if you have any questions about bringing baby to the beach! 

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