Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Plush Toys

In one of my huntings for treasuries on Etsy I found this adorable plush toys, I just want to buy everything!!! They are not only great for nursery decor but also for the little ones to play with!! I would love to know if you guys have any treasuries that you want to share here with us. Please feel free to share on the comments what are your finds around the web!!

Plush Toys

 1. Stuffed Bunny Rabbit  from The Fox in the Attic
 2. Mr. Fox from blita
 3. Mr. Fox from Wood land Tale
 4. Flying Piggy from andrea vida
 5. Patchwork owl from angie baby gifts
 6. Giraffe Softie from Little Side kick

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  1. There are various different benefits of plush toys, ranging from educational reasons to just being a decorative object in a child's room. They can often comfort a child in times of need and make a child feel safe and secure, as the child places trust in a familiar face.