Monday, April 15, 2013

How To Safely Travel During Pregnancy

traveling during pregnancy

Are you pregnant and scared to travel? No need to spend your vacation at home! Besides this might be one of the last opportunities to enjoy time alone with your partner, traveling can be very pleasant and risk-free. You just need to get organized and take into account some special care. So before you leave:

Make an appointment with your doctor

As a precaution, ask your questions and see if everything is all right. Discuss with him the best way to travel in your case and also the destination. If the location chosen is a tropical region, for example, where you are required to get vaccine against yellow fever which can not be taken during pregnancy you might want to reconsider your plans. In pregnancies with some type of complication is also necessary to assess whether it's okay to go up or down the mountain because of altitude change. Make sure with your doctor that you do not have risk of going into early labor ... Imagine the discomfort of having your child away from home, totally different than planned!

Helpful Tips

When traveling by bus, car or plane, sitting for too long can be uncomfortable and cause swelling in the feet and ankles. To avoid that, take breaks during car trips or stand on the bus or plane. Bring a bottle of water to hydrate along the way, as this also helps to reduce the swelling. Cereal bars or fruit are also welcome in the bag! You may not find healthy food options in the way ... If the journey is too long use compression stockings, which promotes blood circulation.

Important Considerations

Experts suggest as the best time to travel safely is in the second trimester. That's when the sickness has passed, you feel like yourself again and risks of abortion, for example, are smaller. From the 36th week, only short trips are indicated, after all you can go into labor at any time.

Tight fitting clothes and shoes, no way! We suggest comfort during traveling. But that does not mean you will wear loose and boring clothing! Just take a look at these few looks that we suggest:

traveling during pregnancy

traveling during pregnancy

traveling during pregnancy

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  1. such good tips! i'm 19 weeks now but have baby showers planned in a few months and i'm not looking forward to the long drives to get there. :)