Thursday, May 1, 2014

7 Things to Take Advantage of Before Your Baby Starts Walking


7 Things to Take Advantage of Before Your Baby Starts Walking

Once you've made the transition into parenthood, you may assume that your prebaby bucket list is a thing of the past. However, there's a brief window of time during which your little bundle of joy — no matter how demanding — will be reliably by your side. Take advantage of this phase before your baby starts walking, and enjoy the relative ease of these seven activities or ways of life!

1- Air Travel - If you didn't get in that international vacation or trip to visit long-distance relatives before your third trimester, take advantage of your lil one's lack of mobility and go on the trip before he or she gets moving. Plus, babies under 2 fly for free!
2- Working Out Together - Jogging with a stroller may seem like the ultimate way to lose baby weight . . . you get to spend time with your child and avoid having to hire a sitter. But once your little one wants to walk on his or her own, it becomes a lot more difficult.
3- Mom Time - If you're able to time it right and your baby is either napping or happy and content in his or her stroller, it's totally possible to visit a museum or spend an afternoon shopping with your lil one. Once they're toddling around, however, all bets are off!
4- A Day At The Beach - While kids of all ages love a day at the beach, there's a whole new component of stress for mom and dad when they're able to walk and run on their own. Enjoy the stage of being able to lay out a blanket, kick back, and relax!
5- An All-Adult House - Baby-proofing doesn't really come into play until the baby can scoot around. Enjoy life free of baby gates, child locks, and other safety precautions until you have to surrender!
6- City Living - We're not saying there has to be a family exodus to the suburbs, but apartment living is at its all-time easiest when your lil one is content with tummy time.
7- Focusing On Friends - It's a lot easier to carry on an adult conversation when your baby isn't on the go. While you'll still have to be alert for diaper changes, feedings, and nap times, being able to talk without worrying about a wanderer makes a big difference!
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