Thursday, May 15, 2014

4 Tips on Telling the Boss You're Pregnant

How to tell  the Boss You're Pregnant

It won't be long before that belly of yours starts to pop, and before it does (or before she gets wise to your stretched-to-the-limit waistbands) you should belly up to your boss's desk to break that news. But don't do it without a plan in hand. Here are some tips to make sure your announcement is well received: 

Do your homework. Find out what kind of policies your company may have regarding pregnancy rights and maternity leave. Review your employee handbook (if there is one) or ask someone at human resources. Try to do it confidentially, if possible. You don't want the news leaking to your boss before you're ready to make the break. 
Ask around. If you know of any good (read: trustworthy) colleagues who have walked in your soon-to-be-swollen footsteps, consider asking them what their experience was like and whether the response to their pregnancy was positive or not. Again, any confiding you do with close colleagues should be done discretely, otherwise, your boss may find out about your pregnancy through the grapevine (or at the water cooler) instead of through you. 
Come up with a plan. Decide how much time you'd like to take off, when you'd like to start your leave (do you want to take off a couple of weeks before you're due or wait until that first contraction hits before you pack up your desk?), and what kind of back-to-work arrangements you'd like to make (part-time, full-time, telecommuting, and so on). You might also want to come up with solutions as to how you'll finish up projects before your leave, or how your work can be handled while you're away. You boss will probably appreciate any efforts you make to ensure all transitions are taken care of.   
Make it official.  Schedule an appointment to make the announcement, making sure you'll have enough time to discuss everything you want to cover (in other words, not in the elevator at the end of the day or two minutes before a conference call). Make sure whatever you've agreed on is in writing so there won't be any misunderstandings later. 
If your boss is less than enthusiastic about your pregnancy, take it in stride. But also know your rights. There are laws that protect pregnant workers against discrimination.   
Good luck with your announcement! 

Source: What to Expect

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