Thursday, April 10, 2014

10 Parenting Truths I've Learned

One thing you learn quickly about parenting is that no one knows exactly what they are doing.
Every child is so different and there are so many variables to any situation, that it’s impossible to say that one thing is true for every parent and every child.
In the last nearly four years of parenting, though, I’ve learned some things that seem to be at least somewhat universal. Have these been true for you too?
#1: You will definitely think your baby is the cutest thing you ever saw
Even if you can objectively tell that there are some children that are cuter than yours, you’ll STILL think yours is the cutest thing ever.
#2 Just when you get the hang of a certain schedule, it'll change
The only constant is change in that first year!
#3: That new baby smell?
It’s real!
#4: You'll do anything to make them laugh
Whether it’s singing ridiculous songs, dancing around like a fool, or babbling, if it makes them smile, I do it!
#5: The best toy is a box
I don’t know why it is, but it’s true.
#6: You'll do something you swore you'd never do as a parent
Whether it’s giving your baby a pacifier, leaving the house in sweats, or letting your toddler play with your phone, sometimes you realize that what you thought about parenting doesn’t match up with the realities of being the mom or dad.
#7: You'll have more strollers than you have children
I have two children and I own four strollers. There’s no such thing as one stroller that meets EVERY need.
#8: 8 a.m. is sleeping in.
For that matter, 7 a.m. was sleeping in the first year!
#9: Even after a long day of parenting, you'll miss that baby when they go to bed
I can’t tell you how many nights, I put my baby down and then went straight to my computer to browse through pictures of her. And I’ve heard that other parents do it too!
#10: The important thing is that your baby is fed and gets some sleep
It’s way less important if that’s nursing or formula or homemade organic baby food or store-brand jars of peas. Whether your baby sleeps with you, in a crib, in a bassinet, or on a floor bed, you get to pick the right fit for your little family.
by Janssen Bradshaw
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