Thursday, April 3, 2014

10 Must Have Products to Travel With a Baby

As some of you already know, I'm a military wife and we are stationed in Turkey right now, so we've decided to enjoy the time here and do some traveling. I've been traveling with my baby since he was 2 months old and that is why I've decided to list here the 10 on the go products that are a life saver and we could've never done all this traveling without out it.

on the go baby products

1- Fisher-Price Packpack - Don't let the size of this backpack fool you, you have no idea how much stuff you can put there once you start packing, it's really resistant too. What I like about this backpack is how easy it is to find things in it, and all the pockets that it has.

2- Umbrella Stroller -  This one is Britax B-Nimble, I love this stroller! It's really easy to open and close and when is closed is very compact. Let me tell you this, if you are traveling around Europe with an infant you can only do so with a umbrella stroller, since there's a lot of walk to do and most of places here are very small, like restaurants and sidewalks, what I also love about this stroller is that it doubles as a changing table, not all places here in Europe has changing table in the restrooms ( I could only find it in airports or big malls), so since this strollers reclines almost completely flat I use it as a changing table on the go.

3- PeaPod Travel Bed- Like I said before, places here can be very small, so in some hotels that we've been a crib or a pack and play would never fit, besides they are also to big for us to be carrying them around, so this bed is perfect, it fits in baby's suit case opens and closes in seconds and I don't worry about him falling out of the bed since it closes completely.

4- Mixie Formula Mixing Baby Bottle - Perfect when you are out there and not always have time to mix the formula on the spot. Just pre mix it in this bottle and when is time to feed just push the button and feed the hungry baby.

5- On-The-Go Bottle Rack- I've been in countless hotel room, and when you have a bottle fed baby you will face the problem when you wash his bottles you don't have a hygiene place to dry it. This on-the-go bottle rack is awesome, it comes with a brush and I don't need to worry about a place to dry his stuff!

6- Fisher-Price iPhone Case and App - Love, love, love the case and the app, they are life savers when traveling with a baby or a tot. The case is very resistant and water proof, I just put my phone in it and let him play with it. It is also small enough to put in his diaper bag.

7- On-The-Go Feeding Spoon -  Love this spoon, comes with a case so I just put in his diaper bag and forget about it.

8- Baby Carrier - I chose the Baby K'tan as my go to carrier because it folds really small and fits in his diaper bag, and a baby carrier is a must have when you are traveling with a baby, specially when you are at the airport and need you two hands free to go through security and to carry all your stuff.

9- Inflatable Bath Tub - Here in Europe most hotels bathroom don't have tubs, and the sinks are usually very small too,  and if you have a baby that can't sit up by himself yet or you are not comfortable in letting them sit on the shower floor this tub is a great solution. When is deflated it folds really small and fits flat at the bottom of baby's suitcase, I can't tell you how many times we've used this tub.

10- Infant Travel High Chair - Not only good when you are in a restaurant that doesn't have a high chair, but when you are also in your hotel room and need a place to feed the baby, or sometimes just to keep them in a safe place while you are doing something. Also it folds down to a size of a diaper. 

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  1. So helpful!! As a new mommy who frequents the coast often, this will come in handy!