Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015 Nursery Color Trend

It’s no secret that I LOVE color, especially in the nursery, and I always enjoy watching color trends unfold and expand outside the nursery too! I give full credit to nursery design for starting the coral painted furniture trend that seems to be everywhere nowadays.

When I started Caden Lane in 2005, pink or blue paired with brown was a huge color combination for the baby’s room. Brown had never been incorporated into the nursery before (everything was pastel), and I love how we’ve incorporated new colors into the nursery design spectrum every year since then!
I have a gut feeling that this year is going to be filled with color! We can say goodbye to the monochromatic all-white and all-gray nurseries and expect rooms with colorful accents, and I think we’re going to see hues that have always been around but never really trended before. Here are my top five picks for 2015 nursery color trends.
Bright pastels. Think sweet, soft pastels, and turn them up a notch! Don’t be intimidated by this mix because there’s no limit when you’re combining colors! Pinks, corals, aquas, mints and golds all have a feminine feel and can work for so many different design styles. I love the bright, whimsical feel of these colors—they’re making me wish for warmer weather and the sweet smell of flowers!
Shades of purple. Pantone recently announced that the 2015 color of the year is Marsala, a rich burgundy hue resembling my favorite beverage of choice (wine). The folks at Pantone probably don’t have baby on the mind when they are picking their featured shade, but this gorgeous, rich hue belongs to the purple color family, and that is one of my top picks for 2015! Purple has always been the “other choice” for girls’ nursery designs, but for someone who doesn’t want too much pink or is looking for a sweet accent color, purple is the perfect complement for a variety of other colors and styles!
Pantone Marsala Color of the Year 2015
I love this purple and gray nursery from our gallery—the entire feel of the nursery is calm and refreshing, and the different shades of lilac, lavender and dark purple all work so wonderfully together.
Coral and gold. Coral made its debut in 2014, but I predict it to hold strong through all of 2015! This is one of my favorite recent coral and gold nursery designs in the gallery—it’s like these colors were destined to be together. *sigh*
Mint is the new neutral. Designing a gender-neutral nursery? Well, you’re in luck! This gender-neutral friendly shade of green looks gorgeous with navy or pink, and it goes gorgeously with my favorite metallic color trend—GOLD! I love how this beautiful mint nursery is paired with dark brown furniture, a color and style that I also think will start to make a comeback in the next calendar year!
Whimsical Mint Nurseryimage by Melissa Audrey Photography on 100 Layer Cakelet
Move over silver, GOLD is here to stay! Gray nurseries have been all over the gallery for years, and then there was this PERFECT gold nursery. And my heart stopped. It’s the new neutral, and gold goes with EVERYTHING.
What colors are you using in your nursery? Are you the next trend-setter in nursery design?

By Caden Lane

Katy lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband and three kids, Cade, Ashlyn, and Lila! She is the designer behind Caden Lane and is a self-proclaimed workaholic who loves anything that has to do with design, textiles and babies.

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