Tuesday, October 14, 2014

4 Things That Will Last 40 Weeks

Pregnancy wardrobe

By Jana Seitzer

As your ever-changing pregnant belly grows during your nine months of pregnancy, you’ll need an ever-changing wardrobe to accommodate it. Here are a few staple items to get you through the various stages of your pregnancy.
1. BellaBand by Ingrid & Isabel
The BellaBand is a maternity band designed to hold up unbuttoned waistbands, loose maternity wear that you haven’t yet filled out, clothing that slips down around your third-trimester belly, and post-partum clothing that doesn’t quite fit right yet.
2. Maternity Yoga Pants
A pair of maternity yoga pants with a foldover waistband will last you through most of your pregnancy and post-partum days. Great for workouts, loungewear, and pajamas, maternity yoga pants such as the GapFit gBalance Pants will be the perfect addition to your maternity wardrobe.
3. Maternity Jersey-Stretch Tamis
Great for layering or by themselves, in any season, you’ll want a few Maternity Jersey Stretch Tamis. They are comfy day or night.
4. Long-Sleeved Maternity Top
Liz Lange Long-Sleeved Maternity Tops are versatile, stylish, and fit any budget. Available in a variety of colors, these cotton tops are made with just a bit of spandex for a comfortable fit and stretch.

Source: 9 Bliss

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