Thursday, July 17, 2014

9 Truth About How Parenting Writers Really Raise Their Kids

Here are 9 things parenting writers say they do, but they really don't.

Do as I say, not as I do doesn't only apply to parenting our children. Parenting writers often appear to be leading double lives as they write about parenting one way and do it a different way. Listen, we're guilty of it ourselves here. We're bombarded with products and studies about providing the healthiest lives for our kids, but when we're pressed for time, sense a meltdown coming on — either ours or the kids' — or just need a break, we don't always practice what we preach. Read on to see nine of the biggest infractions we've witnessed in our office and around the blogging community, proving that we know as little about parenting as the rest of the world!

9 Truth About How Parenting Writers Really Raise Their Kids

1. We write about making baby food with hip, organic ingredients . . . But our diaper bags are overflowing with pouches of store-bought food.
2. We write about cool, independent kids' clothing designers . . . But you'll find us shopping at BabyGap like everyone else!
3. We write about the latest parenting movements . . . But we are as lost raising our kids as every new parent!
4. We write about the harm of giving kids screen time before age 2 . . .  But our toddlers play with our phones, watch videos on our tablets, and are parked in front of Sesame Street while we work.
5. We write about all-natural cleaners to create a healthier home . . . But when the flu hits our homes, we turn to the strongest thing we can find to ensure it doesn't spread through the family.
6. We round up and demonstrate the cutest crafts for kids . . . But you won't find Pinterest-worthy finished projects — for that we turn to the experts!
7.We give you tips for organizing all your kids' artwork . . . But we have stacks of it stored under our beds because we're too sentimental to part with it too.
8. We write about the joys of motherhood . . . But we want date nights and moms' nights out just as much as the next mom!
9. We post pictures of smiling, happy-go-lucky kids in our stories . . .  But we have to beg, barter, wrangle, and bribe our way into getting our kids to pose for us.

Source: Pop Sugar


  1. Hi, I'm stopping by from mom bloggers club! I love this post because it's so true! All the Pinterest parties, the baby food we would love to make all the time and our happy all the time kids is so something we strive for, but in reality we fall short sometimes, like any other mother out there! But I'd much rather throw my kid a party that doesn't look like a picture on Pinterest and spend that extra time with my kids cus lets face it, they don't care!